Cooking with Seaweed

  Recipes with Atlantica Fresh Seaweed Tapenades

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Bread with Crème d’Ulve and half dried tomato and cress.

Coeur de Boeuf with Dressing of Fresh Seaweeds and Blanched Mushrooms. (blanched the mushrooms whole in 4 min. with some vinegar)

Mini sandwich with on one slice of bread a thin layer of Almond Paste, Crème d’Ulve, Coeur de Boeuf and Black Garlic. On the other slice of bread only some Crème d’Ulve and put up side down on top.


 Bread with a Dulse à Olive, Pickle and Shallot


Bread with Crème de Dulse, Blanched Mushrooms end Cress.